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Diamond Painting - Terrace at Sainte-Addresse - Monet 40x50cm canvas already framed

Diamond Painting - Terrace at Sainte-Addresse - Monet 40x50cm canvas already framed

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Model: Terrace at Sainte-Addresse - Monet Method: Diamond Painting Type: Full Drill (covered entirely with diamonds) Size and Format: 40x50cm with Canvas Already Framed Diamond Shape: Square Support: Numbered Premium Canvas Packaging: Figured'Art Branded Packaging

Indulge in the timeless beauty of Monet's "Terrace at Sainte-Addresse" with our exquisite Diamond Painting kit. Immerse yourself in the artistry of this masterpiece, recreated with a dazzling array of diamonds.

💎✨ A Captivating Tapestry of Brilliance ✨💎 Crafted with safe and eco-friendly rhinestones, our color-coded diamonds add a radiant charm to this artistic endeavor. We ensure an abundant supply, with 30% more diamonds than required, guaranteeing a magnificent finish to your artistic pursuit.

🖌️🎚️ Precision and Efficiency at Your Fingertips 🎚️🖌️ Embark on your creative journey with our Diamond Applicator, along with two additional applicator heads for effortless diamond placement. The innovative design allows you to grasp 6 or 9 diamonds simultaneously, while tweezers and a funnel-equipped tray make the process seamless.

🌟🖼️ Elegance Preserved: Framed and Stretched Canvas 🖼️🌟 This beautiful kit features a 40x50cm premium adhesive canvas, meticulously numbered according to the model. Moreover, it comes already stretched on a high-quality wooden frame, ensuring both convenience and a refined touch of sophistication.

🎨🏞️ Immerse Yourself in Monet's Vision 🏞️🎨 With its square diamond shape, our Diamond Painting preserves every intricate detail of Monet's "Terrace at Sainte-Addresse." As you create, admire the harmonious blend of colors and textures, reflecting the essence of the original masterpiece.

Unleash your creativity and bask in the glory of Monet's "Terrace at Sainte-Addresse." With each diamond meticulously placed, witness the canvas come alive with the timeless allure of impressionist art. Let your passion and artistic prowess transform this Diamond Painting into a masterpiece that captures the essence of Monet's vision. 🎨💎✨

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