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Diamond Painting - Small Birds and White Flowers 40x50cm canvas already framed

Diamond Painting - Small Birds and White Flowers 40x50cm canvas already framed

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🕊️🌼 Model: Small Birds and White Flowers 🌼🕊️

Method: Diamond Painting

Type: Full Drill (covered entirely with diamonds)

Size and Format: 40x50cm with Canvas Already Framed

Diamond Shape: Square

Support: Numbered Premium Canvas

Packaging: Figured'Art Branded Packaging 📦🌟

Step into the serenity of nature's embrace with the captivating "Small Birds and White Flowers" Diamond Painting. Allow yourself to be transported to a tranquil garden, where delicate blooms and graceful birds harmonize in artistic brilliance.

🎨🐦 Embrace the Art of Diamond Painting 🐦🎨 Discover the joy of creating with the "Small Birds and White Flowers" Diamond Painting kit, thoughtfully curated to provide all the essentials for crafting a breathtaking masterpiece. A premium adhesive canvas, already numbered to perfection, eagerly awaits your artistic expression. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of color-coded diamonds, generously supplemented with an extra 30% to ensure a dazzling final result.

✍️🌺 Unleash Your Artistic Finesse 🌺✍️ The Diamond Applicator, accompanied by two additional applicator heads, bestows upon you the power to seize 6 or 9 diamonds at once, accelerating your creative journey. Tweezers, your artistic companions, guide each diamond into its designated place with grace and precision, adding intricate charm to your masterpiece.

🌪️🎇 Guided by Nature's Whispers 🎇🌪️ With the Tray and funnel, navigate your artistic path effortlessly, as each diamond finds its rightful place in the tranquil garden. The Wax Pad, ever reliable, preserves your artwork's brilliance, showcasing your dedication and skill.

📐🎨 Size and Format - Unveiling the Splendor 🎨📐 Adorn your world with the captivating "Small Birds and White Flowers" in 40x50cm, elegantly framed and ready to grace your space. Revel in the beauty of square diamonds, each facet contributing to the allure of your artistry. Discover the magic that blooms within the canvas, celebrating the harmony between small birds and white flowers.

Allow "Small Birds and White Flowers" Diamond Painting to become an ode to nature's symphony, capturing the essence of grace and tranquility. Embrace the creative journey and let your artwork blossom like the delicate flowers, and soar like the elegant birds. 🕊️🌼🎨

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