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Diamond Painting - Mont Saint Michel 40x50cm canvas already framed

Diamond Painting - Mont Saint Michel 40x50cm canvas already framed

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Model: Mont Saint Michel - Diamond Painting

Method: Diamond Painting

Type: Full Drill (covered entirely with diamonds)

Size and Format: 40x50cm with Canvas Already Framed

Diamond Shape: Square

Support: Numbered Premium Canvas

Packaging: Figured'Art Branded Packaging

Step into the captivating realm of Diamond Painting as you embark on an artistic journey to recreate the picturesque scene of "Mont Saint Michel." With this exquisite Diamond Painting kit, a stunning 40x50cm artwork awaits you, already framed to showcase your masterpiece in all its glory.

  1. Premium Adhesive Canvas: Our premium adhesive canvas comes adorned with thoughtful numbering, matching the model, and is skillfully stretched on a high-quality wooden frame. The foundation is set, and now your creativity can breathe life into the canvas.

  2. Color Coded Diamonds: Let the colors of Mont Saint Michel come alive with our color-coded diamonds, meticulously chosen for their safety and eco-friendly properties. To ensure your artistic brilliance knows no bounds, we've generously added 30% more diamonds than necessary.

  3. Diamond Applicator + Additional Heads: The Diamond Applicator, accompanied by two additional applicator heads, grants you precision and efficiency as you skillfully grab 6 or 9 diamonds at a time. Witness your artistic prowess flourish.

  4. Tweezers: With the Tweezers in your artistic toolkit, you'll carefully place each diamond, like an experienced architect constructing a masterpiece. Your artwork will boast a level of detail that will leave admirers in awe.

  5. Tray with Funnel: The Tray with a funnel makes sure your diamond-placing experience is as smooth as a gentle breeze brushing against Mont Saint Michel. Your creative process will flow seamlessly, without any distractions.

  6. Wax Pad: The Wax Pad provides the final touch of finesse, ensuring every facet of your artwork aligns harmoniously. The finishing touches will mirror the timeless beauty of Mont Saint Michel.

Unwind in the enchanting process of Diamond Painting, where each sparkling diamond is a brushstroke, and your passion for art blends with the majestic allure of "Mont Saint Michel." 🌅🎨✨

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