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Diamond Painting Friends Cats

Diamond Painting Friends Cats

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😺👯‍♀️ Step 1️⃣: Welcome to the heartwarming world of "Friends Cats" Diamond Painting kit. Immerse yourself in the delightful company of feline friends as you embark on a joyful artistic journey.

🎨 Step 2️⃣: The kit includes a premium adhesive canvas, thoughtfully numbered based on the model and diamond shape you choose. This self-flattening canvas ensures a smooth and flawless surface, providing the perfect canvas for your masterpiece.

💎 Step 3️⃣: Infuse your canvas with vibrant life using color coded diamonds, crafted from safe and eco-friendly rhinestones. With 30% more diamonds than necessary, rest assured that you'll have more than enough to complete your artwork with perfection.

✨ Step 4️⃣: The Diamond Applicator, accompanied by two additional applicator heads, elevates your creative process. Easily grab 6 or 9 diamonds at once, making your artistic journey even more efficient and enjoyable.

🔍 Step 5️⃣: Achieve precision in your artistry with the included tweezers. Place each diamond with care, revealing the charming camaraderie of the cats in your artwork.

🍽️ Step 6️⃣: Stay organized and focused with the tray and funnel system provided in the kit. This practical setup keeps your diamonds neatly arranged and ready for your artistic endeavors.

🕯️ Step 7️⃣: Use the Wax Pad to securely adhere the diamonds to the canvas, ensuring the lasting brilliance and stability of your masterpiece.

⬆️ Note: For a high-quality masterpiece that captures every delightful detail, we recommend selecting a size from 40x40cm or 40x50cm. Just like in photography, each diamond serves as a Pixel, and a larger size allows for unmatched depth and realism in your artwork.

😺👭🏼 Let your creativity flourish as you create a heartwarming masterpiece with the "Friends Cats" Diamond Painting kit. Celebrate the joy of friendship and the charm of feline companionship, and watch as your artwork comes to life with the love and warmth shared by these adorable friends.

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