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Diamond Painting Dog with gifts

Diamond Painting Dog with gifts

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Product Name: Dog with gifts - Diamond Painting Kit

Description: Embark on a heartwarming artistic journey with our Pawfect Presents Diamond Painting Kit, capturing the joyous spirit of a dog surrounded by delightful gifts. This enchanting full drill kit ensures that your artwork will be covered entirely with dazzling diamonds, bringing to life the lovable charm of our furry friends in a truly captivating masterpiece. Choose from a range of canvas sizes, from 20x30cm to 80x100cm, and opt for either square or round diamond shapes to add a unique touch to your creation.

Materials and Inclusions:

  1. Premium Self-Flattening Numbered Canvas: Begin your artistic endeavor with confidence, as our premium adhesive canvas comes numbered according to the model and diamond shape chosen. This meticulous numbering guarantees a smooth and seamless diamond placement process, allowing you to craft a heartwarming portrayal of the dog and the delightful presents.

  2. Color Coded Diamonds: Unleash a vibrant array of colors with our safe and eco-friendly rhinestones, conveniently organized in color-coded containers. To ensure an enjoyable artistic experience, we provide 30% more diamonds than necessary, ensuring an ample supply to complete your masterpiece with finesse.

  3. Diamond Applicator with Additional Heads: Bring joy to your diamond painting process with the Diamond Applicator tool, complemented by 2 additional applicator heads. These versatile heads allow you to effortlessly pick up 6 or 9 diamonds at once, making the creative process efficient and gratifying.

  4. Tweezers: Handle your precious diamonds with care and precision using the included tweezers, ensuring accurate and delicate placement on the canvas.

  5. Tray with Funnel: Stay organized throughout your artistic journey with the convenient tray and funnel, ensuring your diamonds are readily accessible as you bring the adorable dog and presents to life.

  6. Wax Pad: Seamlessly breathe life into your artistic vision with the included wax pad, making the process of picking up diamonds a delightful and smooth experience.

Note: To achieve a heartwarming and high-quality masterpiece, we recommend selecting a canvas size of 40x40cm or 40x50cm. Just like in photography, each diamond serves as a pixel, and opting for a larger canvas with higher resolution guarantees impeccable detail and clarity in your final artwork. Immerse yourself in the world of unconditional love and joy with our Pawfect Presents Diamond Painting Kit, and let your creativity shine as you create a beautiful tribute to our furry companions.

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