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Diamond Painting Cow

Diamond Painting Cow

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Charming Cow Diamond Painting Kit 🐮🎨"

Unleash your creative spirit with our delightful Cow Diamond Painting Kit. This artistic endeavor allows you to capture the essence of these gentle creatures and bring their beauty to life with dazzling diamonds.

The kit features:

1️⃣ Premium Adhesive Canvas: Our self-flattening numbered premium canvas ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience. The canvas is meticulously numbered, guiding you effortlessly through the creation of your masterpiece with the diamond shape you have chosen.

2️⃣ Color Coded Diamonds: Create a masterpiece that sparkles with brilliance using our safe and eco-friendly rhinestone color-coded diamonds. With 30% more diamonds than required, you'll have more than enough to complete your artwork with precision.

3️⃣ Diamond Applicator + Additional Heads: Included in the kit is a Diamond Applicator, along with 2 extra applicator heads, designed to effortlessly pick up 6 or 9 diamonds at once. This innovative tool boosts your artistic efficiency and accuracy.

4️⃣ Tweezers: Our specialized tweezers make it easy to handle the diamonds and place them precisely on the canvas, transforming it into a stunning display of colors and patterns.

5️⃣ Tray with Funnel: The included tray with funnel system provides an organized and convenient way to work with your diamonds, keeping your workspace tidy and efficient.

6️⃣ Wax Pad: The Wax Pad ensures the secure adhesion of the diamonds to the canvas, preserving the brilliance of your artwork over time.

With a size range from 20x30cm to 80x100cm, you can choose the perfect dimension to showcase the charm of the Cow with intricate detail. For a very high-quality masterpiece, we recommend selecting a size from 40x40cm or 40x50cm to avoid any pixelated effects. As in photography, each diamond serves as a pixel, and a larger size guarantees a more impressive result.

Securely wrapped to preserve the integrity of the contents, our packaging ensures you receive a premium experience from start to finish. Embark on this artistic journey and let the captivating Cow design emerge under your skillful touch. 🐮🌻🎨✨🌈

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