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Diamond Painting - The Parrots

Diamond Painting - The Parrots

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🌟🦜🎨 Welcome to "The Parrots" Diamond Painting adventure - a burst of tropical colors awaits! 🌿🌺

πŸ’Ž Our kit includes a premium adhesive canvas, numbered according to The Parrots model and diamond shape of your choice. Plus, we add 30% more diamonds than necessary, ensuring you have an abundance of sparkling rhinestones to capture the essence of these majestic birds. 🌟🦜🎨

πŸ–ŒοΈ The Diamond Applicator, accompanied by two additional applicator heads, allows you to pick up 6 or 9 diamonds at once. Just like a flock of parrots in harmony, you'll effortlessly bring your artwork to life with every brilliant gem. 🌿🦜🌟

πŸ’ͺ Tweak the tiniest details with our Tweezers, as you arrange the diamonds with precision and grace. The Tray and funnel keep your workspace tidy, ensuring nothing distracts you from this tropical symphony of colors. 🌺🎨🦜

πŸ–ŒοΈ Keep your creative energy flowing with the Wax Pad, making sure your journey through the vibrant world of The Parrots remains smooth and enjoyable. Let their radiant plumage guide your artistic vision! 🌿🎨🌺

🌟 To make these magnificent birds truly stand out, we recommend selecting a size from 40x40cm to 40x50cm. Unleash your creativity without any pixelated effect and let The Parrots take center stage in your masterpiece! 🦜🎨🌺

🦜🌟 "The Parrots" Diamond Painting kit invites you to dance with the colors of the tropics and create your own symphony of beauty. With every diamond placed, witness these majestic birds come to life in a vibrant, sparkling celebration of nature's wonders. Fly high with creativity and let The Parrots inspire your masterpiece! 🌺🎨🌿

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