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Diamond Painting - Sunflower

Diamond Painting - Sunflower

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Sunflower Diamond Painting - Embrace the Vibrance of Nature


  • Model: Sunflower
  • Method: Diamond Painting
  • Type: Full Drill (covered entirely with diamonds)
  • Size: From 30x30cm to 80x80cm
  • Diamond shape: Square or Round
  • Support: Self-flattening numbered premium canvas
  • Packaging: Securely wrapped Packaging

Materials Included:

  • 1 Premium adhesive canvas, numbered according to the model and diamond shape selected
  • Color coded diamonds (safe and eco-friendly rhinestones). 30% more diamonds included than necessary to ensure completion.
  • 1 Diamond Applicator + 2 additional applicator heads, allowing 6 and 9 diamonds to be picked up simultaneously.
  • Tweezers
  • 1 Tray with funnel
  • 1 Wax Pad

Embrace the Vibrance of Nature:

  • The Sunflower diamond painting brings the vibrant beauty of these golden blooms directly to your artistic canvas. As you embark on this creative journey, you'll be captivated by the bold colors and intricate details of the sunflower's petals. The canvas, meticulously numbered and designed to support your artistic vision, is a playground for your creativity to blossom. Using the color coded diamonds, you'll effortlessly replicate the sunflower's mesmerizing shades, bringing the artwork to life, one diamond at a time. Whether you choose Square or Round diamonds, each tiny facet adds a brilliant sparkle that captures the essence of these radiant flowers. Through the art of diamond painting, you become the artist, infusing each stroke with your love for nature and your appreciation for the sunflower's symbolic meaning of happiness and positivity. With the Diamond Applicator and additional applicator heads at your disposal, you'll find ease and efficiency in adorning the canvas with diamonds, immersing yourself in the process and losing track of time as your masterpiece takes shape. The self-flattening premium canvas ensures a smooth and seamless surface, providing a solid foundation for your creative expression. As you progress in this artistic endeavor, the sheer number of diamonds and the canvas's large size allow you to witness the gradual transformation of blank spaces into a vibrant field of sunflowers. Like a gardener tending to a blossoming garden, you'll experience a sense of fulfillment with each sunflower brought to life. With tweezers in hand, you'll delicately place each diamond, savoring the moment and finding tranquility in the act of creation. Upon completion, you'll have a radiant and stunning masterpiece, an ode to the vibrant beauty of nature and a testament to your artistic flair. Display the Sunflower diamond painting in your home, and let it be a symbol of positivity, reminding you of the brilliance of nature and the creative potential within you. The Sunflower diamond painting isn't just an artwork; it's a celebration of the vibrance that exists in the world around us and the joy that art brings into our lives. Let this diamond painting be an opportunity to embrace the vibrance of nature, to find joy in the act of creation, and to immerse yourself in the beauty of these golden blooms, forever captured in diamonds.

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